Celebrate the vibrant cuisine of Tallahassee’s Hispanic restaurants

by Tallahassee Table
Our varied choices include Mexican, Peruvian, Venezuelan, Cuban, Caribbean and Salvadoran dishes.

It’s easy to find tacos in Tallahassee, but how about pupusas, causa de pulpo or pastelitos? 

You may be surprised to learn that our repertoire of restaurants includes Peruvian, Salvadoran and Venezuelan choices.

Many of our chefs feature the food of their homeland or that of their ancestors in Spain, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America. 

Here’s a sample of our top destinations in the Capital City, places where you can dine in style or grab a treat off a food truck. If you want to add to the list please send your comments to [email protected]

Cafe de Martin serves authentic Peruvian causas.

* Cafe de Martin, 2743 Capital Circle NE (Peruvian)

* VeneBitestally1, 217 E. Third Ave. (Venezuelan)

Flan is on the menu of Cuban fare at Habanas Boardwalk.

* Habanas Boardwalk, 2819 Mahan Dr. (Cuban)

Enchiladas are among the specialties at Maria Maria, along with guacamole (top photo).

* Maria Maria Homemade Mexican Cuisine & Bakery, 1304 N. Monroe St. (Mexican)

Papusas star at El Viroleño, which serves cuisine from El Salvador.

* El Viroleño, 2910 W. Kerry Forest Pkwy. (El Salvadoran)

La Tiendita serves Mexican and Brazilian cuisine.

* La Tiendita Mexican Restaurant, 1840 N. Monroe St. (Mexican, Brazilian)

* Locos Tacos & Bar, 1525 W. Tharpe St. (Mexican)

Tacos are on the long list of dishes at El Rincon Latino Colombian restaurant.

* El Rincon Latino Colombian restaurant (formerly Super Perros), 2010 W. Tennessee St. (Colombian, Latin)

* Dejavutallyfood, 3537 Thomasville Rd. (Venezuelan, food truck)

Curries and stews are on the menu at G&G Caribbean.

* G&G Caribbean Restaurant – Apalachee Parkway, 745 Apalachee Pkwy. (Caribbean)

* Mi Jefa’s Tacos y Cantina, 1710 W. Tharpe St. (Mexican)

Tally Taco is a food truck with a big and popular menu.

* Tally Taco, 2529 Apalachee Pkwy. (Mexican, food truck)

Casa Grande’s location on Apalachee Parkway features tapas.

* Casa Grande Bar & Grill Mexican Restaurant (Mexican, multiple locations)

Pineappetit offers Caribbean-style cuisine on its menu.

* Pineappetit, 2037 W. Pensacola St. (Island-themed cuisine)

* San Miguel, 200 W. Tharpe St., (Mexican), https://sanmiguelmexicanrestaurant.weebly.com/

* El Jalisco Southwood and other locations (Mexican)

* Chile & Chili’s Taqueria Tallahassee, 5750 W. Tennessee St., and Chile & Chili’s Taqueria Crawfordville, 2167 Crawfordville Hwy. (Mexican, food truck).

Chile & Chile’s food trucks are in Tallahassee and Crawfordville.

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