Volcano Hot Pot coming

by Tallahassee Table

Like many of you, I’ve been curious about the “Hot Pot and BBQ Coming Soon” sign at the former Red Elephant Pizza & Grill in the Capital Plaza at 1872 Thomasville Rd. City records show it will be a place called Volcano hot pot & BBQ, a branch of a Kissimmee restaurant that opened in late May.

A very helpful employee confirmed that it will be similar to the Kissimmee site, which features the traditional Chinese soup as well as barbecue. She said it should be opening in December. Customers start with a pot of soup stock at the dining table.

In Kissimmee, Volcano offers a variety of soups, including bone broth, tomato, spicy soup and miso with a wide range of toppings, including seafood, chicken, lamb, pork, vegetables, tofu and noodles.
Judging from pictures of the Kissimmee place, the restaurant there is large and modern.

Yelp writers say you grab vegetables from a conveyor belt. Apparently there’s a grill station for barbecue. I don’t know yet if the Tallahassee site will have the conveyor belt as well.

Hot pot meal prepared by my in-laws at home.

My in-laws made a hot pot dinner for our family last year and it’s quite a feast. They simmered bone broth for several hours and added all types of greens and shrimp but you can use many different ingredients.

I’ll update as I get more information but this sounds great. If you get any more info, please share.

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