Videos help you ‘Learn from a Local’

by Tallahassee Table

The new “Learn from a Local” website from the The Taproot Agency is such a wonderful idea. It features videos from locals teaching a variety of topics including workout classes, home improvement, gardening skills like repotting an orchid and a clip on learning to play Bruce Springsteen’s “Drive All Night” on the piano. There’s even a tutorial on crocheting a face mask ear protector.

I especially love the cooking videos. Chef Jessica Bright McMullen, owner of KitchenAble Cooking School and Catering, has several Learn from a Local videos on quick dishes like making grilled cheese, eggs in the basket or French toast. They’re really fun and helpful. I watched the French toast video and it made me so hungry I had to make up a batch of French toast myself. Great tips. FYI, Jessica is also doing live videos here.

You’ll also see fun cooking videos by Kool Beanz Cafe‘s Leon Charles Brunson and the “Basics of Latte Making” by RedEye Coffee. It’s all on

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