Bourne Brilliant promotes healthy eating, helping others

by Tallahassee Table

By Daniel A. Avila

Special to Tallahassee Table

Bourne Brilliant is a brilliantly inspired and award winning collaborative, a plant-based eatery owned and operated by three sisters — Lyrica, 14, Zaira, 13, and Nadira, 10 and and their employee (mom).

They make and sell an assortment of cookies (Brites), cupcakes, and nutritionally dense hot food, all from scratch.

One of the flavorful, plant-based entrees served at the Frenchtown Farmers Market from Bourne Brilliant. Photo: Tallahassee Table

For your main dish, you can expect the trio to always serve you a fresh and balanced meal, as one of their policies is to always serve some cooked veggies along with their starches and protein. 

Lyrica has created a meatless protein ”meatball” that rivals the likes of Beyond Meat in terms of its flavor (seriously). Don’t take my word for it though, try them out for yourself!

But don’t forget to save some room for dessert because they bake a ton of flavored Brites. From their popular red velvet to the classic chocolate chunk, each Brite is delicious. 

In case all that sweetness makes you thirsty, the sisters had crafted cold-pressed tonics of various tropical and traditional flavors that each offer their own wellness benefit. 

These dishes, hard-work and dedication were born in a family tradition. 

Zaira, Lyrica and Nadira of Bourne Brilliant at the Frenchtown Farmers Market. Photo: Tallahassee Table

It started off as a humble and wholesome gesture from Lyrica when she was merely 6 years old. She found that many of her classmates did not have food for lunch, so she asked her mom, Syrheda La Shae, if she could bake some bread for them. She did, and from then on, Lyrica and then her sisters were passionate about helping others. 

This generosity has continued. Zaira, who manages their budget, makes sure they’re able to donate 25 percent of Bourne Brilliant’s profits to local charities. 

You can directly support them and their mission to open up a plant-based bakery over at Or, you can support them by eating an awesome cruelty-free meal when they are at the Frenchtown Farmers Market, 524 N. Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard, which takes place at 10 a.m. Saturdays.

Freelance writer Daniel Avila wrote this article for Tallahassee Table. Photo credit: Bourne Brilliant

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