The Frother’s Daughter brings brews to Tallahassee streets

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If your mom is a coffee fan, or you just want to have a picnic with really good coffee, The Frother’s Daughter mobile coffee trailer will be setting up in Tom Brown Park, 443-557 Easterwood Dr., from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on May 9.

Owner Rosalyn Wilsey will be serving flights of iced coffee for $9 for Mother’s Day. You can mix and match any four of her specialty drinks and/or lemonade or order anything on the regular menu. Also for purchase: cookie platters with four cookies for $5 or $1.50 each. 

Rosalyn Wilsey greets customers from The Frother’s Daughter mobile coffee shop.

If you’re not familiar with The Frother’s Daughter, meet Rosalyn.

When the pandemic hit, she was laid off from her sales job at a Tampa logistics company. Turned out that while she lost that job, Rosalyn gained something more. She launched her own mobile coffee shop called Frother’s Daughter.

“It was 100 percent a good thing,” said Rosalyn, “I feel like it let me go to be on my own and it worked out.”

A 2019 graduate of Florida State University with a major in marketing and a minor in entrepreneurship, Rosalyn knew she wanted to do something more than her sales job.

“I had always dreamed of opening a coffee shop on the beach when I was 30,” said Rosalyn, now 24.  “But opening up a store is a lot financially.”

But her dad said, “Why wait?” She found a guy selling his coffee truck and her dad helped motivate her to take the leap and start a business. She came up with the name of the shop with him in mind.

“He helped me to come up with the idea,” said Rosalyn, whose family loves coffee.

“I am an avid coffee drinker,” she said.

Rosalyn serves Lucky Goat coffee and adds special drinks monthly. 

Her May specialties include: “Bring May Flowers,” a honey-rose lavender latte; “May the Fourth Be With You,” with fresh-squeezed lemonade with a “lightsaber” (syringe) of either strawberry, blue raspberry, green apple or lavendar; and a kicky “Mexican Mocha Latte.” She also sells cookies and baked items as well.

The Frother’s Daughter circulates on the streets of Tallahassee, and is a frequent fixture downtown.

These Florida State University students are big fans of The Frother’s Daughter, often parked on College Avenue.

When I stopped by the truck one morning when it was parked on College Avenue and a group of FSU students stood outside deciding what to order.

Photo credit: The Frother’s Daughter

“I go here every day it’s open,” said FSU student Cristina Clark.  “She grinds coffee beans before every drink so she makes it as fresh as possible.”

Cristina and her friends also raved about all of the Frother’s Daughter’s specialty drinks and giveaways.

“A random winner can get to have their favorite drink as the flavor of the month,” said Cristina, whose own idea is a double shot of espresso with white mocha and vanilla cold foam. “It’s delicious.”

 The Frother’s Daughter is gaining popularity beyond street sales.

“We’ve done events at sorority houses, apartment complexes, farmer’s markets and we’ve done a few weddings,” said Rosalyn, who hasn’t given up her dream of a brick-and-mortar coffee shop.

But she’s already on a roll. As she states on her website:

“From a simple idea between a father and daughter within a household built on coffee grounds, we want to bring our family values and passion for coffee right to your hands.”

A lineup of specialty coffee drinks at The Frother’s Daughter. Photo credit: The Frother’s Daughter.

You can see The Frother’s Daughter menu and schedule on Instagram — thefrothersdaughter — and

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