Tally Mac Shack on a roll

by Tallahassee Table

Great news for fans of Tally Mac Shack! The venerable venue for creative mac ‘n cheese dishes is opening two new locations, both on the Florida State University campus.

One spot will be one of the “micro-restaurants’ in the university’s gleaming 1851 dining hall. Tally Mac will offer several favorite dishes (like Praise Cheesues, Snortin Norton and Cheese & Trees) plus patrons can also order mac “your way” and create their own combination of ingredients. The restaurant will be open in time for the first day of FSU on Aug. 26.

FSU dining facilities are open to the public. If you don’t mind coming on campus, 1851, and other FSU options, have a lot to offer. Tally Mac will also be operating a concession stand at the Doak S. Campbell Stadium, around Section 33 near the 50-yard line. The concession will be open in time for the first home game on Sept. 7. The menu will be limited but dishes will be served “hot and fresh and gooey and good,” said Dave Fiore of Fiore Communications, working with Tally Mac Shack.

Also look for the restaurant’s food trucks on campus.

Tally Mac Shack has been on a roll since it started with one food truck in 2017. Owner Justo Cruz has since progressed to two food trucks, then in Spring 2019 he opened a restaurant inside Happy Motoring at 1215 S. Adams St.

“Everyone grows up eating mac and cheese,” said Cruz, talking about the appeal of the beloved comfort food.

Tally Mac Shack caters to that nostalgia but also adds “our own special twists. We take it pretty seriously.” For instance, Cruz prepares a “nice bechamel” and builds cheese and protein profiles. It’s not a case of one sauce fits all.

Congrats on your continued journey, Tally Mac Shack!

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