Garbage Bag Slaw

by Tallahassee Table

This is a quick and easy side salad, especially for those summer cookouts. It’s also fun, almost certain to start a lively kitchen conversation. Or to get your guests wondering about your sanity. I credit my husband, and lots of wine, for this one.


  • One cabbage head, chopped fairly finely. (That wrinkly cabbage is best, I think, because the dressing seems to cling better. And, if you wish, you can throw in some purple cabbage for color.)
  • One jar of sunflower seeds.
  • One small jar of chopped pimientos.
  • Black pepper to taste.
  • One bottle/jar, about 12 oz. of dressing. (I like Caesar, or one of the other white dressings, but try different things. Making your own dressing is certainly an option but I like to do this whole thing, start to finish, in 10 minutes.)

Optional ingredients

  • One small sweet onion, finely chopped.
  • One small can chopped or sliced olives. (Green look best, I think)
  • A big handful of toasted almond slices, or any other nuts you like. (That’s if you don’t like sunflower seeds.)


  • Pour chopped cabbage, nuts, pimientos and any optional ingredients into a plastic garbage bag. (We don’t have to tell you this should be a clean, pristine bag, right?)
  • Shake vigorously to mix. (This is where people laugh, or roll their eyes. Go ahead, ham it up.)
  • Add the dressing. Just pour it into the bag. Do it with a flourish.
  • Shake again, vigorously. (If you have a catchy tune, now’s time to sing it.)
  • Empty bag into a large bowl.
  • (Expect applause.)


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