It’s fun to shop At GreenWise Market

by Tallahassee Table

If you haven’t been to GreenWise Market, at 625 W. Gaines Street in College Town, it’s fun to shop, sip and enjoy all the amenities of a store that’s meant to appeal to younger shoppers. But GreenWise isn’t just for millennials.

This is a welcome destination for anyone on a vegan, vegetarian or specialized diet. There’s also a wide variety of produce and mostly organic products — I bought organic apples, bananas, Kiwi, butternut squash, lemons and limes.

Miss Judy at the hot, cooked foods counter enticed me with offers of an entree and two sides for $10 so I also took home a slab of cedar plank salmon (which was very good), a vegan salad blending the licorice tang of fennel spiked with citrus and cauliflower in a spicy Asian-style sauce.

GreenWise also has stations for custom burritos with toppings like farro, jicama and roasted vegetables; bowls; enchiladas; pizza; sushi; Asian bowls; plus a bakery; an olive bar and a salad bar. No Pub subs but you’ll find baguettes. How European.

A couple Tallahassee Table readers touted the wonderful selection of hundreds of cheeses, and there’s a section called Pours. You can find kombucha on tap, açai bowls, craft beer, wine (they also do wine tastings) and coffee. The carts have cup holders.

Tallahassee Table reader Ann Yarko Orner, shared this tip: “You can open any bottle in the store, ask the cheese area to make you a plate, and you can drink it in the store. “

That’s amazing. Any other markets do this?

This FSU-College Town site, which opened in October, is the first location in the country for Publix’ newly redesigned stores, with more opening.

I happen to like walking around grocery stores, and I’m known to linger. I could spend all afternoon here. On an earlier visit, my husband and I spent some time looking at an exhibit of work called “Pedaling Pink on Paths of Gold” by artist Charity Myers, an FSU fine arts graduate.

There’s comfy seating on the outside patio and plenty of parking. I found out after my visit that there’s an upstairs with more comfortable seating and WIFI.

GreenWise also has a rewards program to give customers (who have a Publix account) personalized deals while benefiting the GreenWise Market Good Works program. This program takes a portion of your purchase amount each time and gives it to a local charity.

Publix could share its slogan with this new, hipper cousin. GreenWise Market — “where shopping is a pleasure.”

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